The system to win at online slots, which we are going to explain, is valid only for those AAMS casinos that offer a very high bonus and that offer at least one machine with an RTP, that is, a return to the player, which is also high. These are two essential constraints for the success of our method. As you can see, we will have the house advantage in the negative, that is, we will have more chances of winning, compared to the gambling house. I must tell you, in all honesty, that I have never been a great admirer of slot machines, because winning is only a matter of luck and there is no skill, as is the case in poker or blackjack, but when I discovered the existence of this system I was really incredulous, and at the same time enthusiastic, but even now it seems so strange to me that some casinos allow these possibilities to the players. Probably, someone has noticed it and maybe they will have written it on some slots forum, but looking on the internet for the word how to win at online slot machines, I found the usual trivial tips such as: continue playing when you collect a win, abandon when you are winning, knowing the slot in which you play well, … and I have never found anyone who explained exactly how to apply a method that had the mathematical advantage in your favor. The downside of the system, which we invented, is that it can only be used once, since all AAMS casinos, in which we will play, offer the first deposit bonus upon registration and then no more. Of course, usually, every casino, to encourage its customers to continue playing, grants additional bonuses, but each of the latter almost always has different characteristics from the first deposit bonus, also because very often they are of a lower amount.

How much do you win?

Generally, the payout varies according to the characteristics of the casino and can range from 20% to 50% of the amount of the first deposit, which you will pay into the casino. Therefore, it is a rather high figure, even if it is a one-off sum, in the sense that then, once the bonus is exhausted, you will no longer be able to implement this system, unless you manage to get a new promotion with another bonus concerning a second deposit.


For the success of the system some fundamental characteristics are necessary, without which it will not be possible to obtain the desired results, that is to remove a little money from the casino. The requirements are:

  • The casino offers a high bonus, at least 100% on the first deposit, up to a maximum that exceeds 500 euros.
  • Low casino playthrough, like 20x.
  • Among the slots available in the casino there is at least one with a high RTP, greater than 96%.
  • The slot in question can work automatically, because you will have to do a large number of spins.
  • The same slot contributes 100% to the achievement of the playthrough.

As you can see, the requirements to win are many, but there are several AAMS casinos with these features, it’s just a matter of wasting some time searching. Also, these points are flexible in the sense that if you find a slot with an RTP greater than 99%, then you can apply our method to a casino with a 40x playthrough as well.

Description of the winning system

 winning system

All slot machines in an online casino start with the house edge. In fact, each slot is associated with a percentage, called RTP, by law always greater than 90%, which establishes the return to the player. So, if the online casino has assigned an RTP of 96% to a slot, this means that, on average, every time we bet a euro on this slot, we lose 4 cents, because 96 cents return to us, while 4 cents are collected by the dealer. . Of course, this is not a certain and mathematical fact, otherwise no one would play slots to always lose 4 cents a spin, but it is a theoretical statistic in the long run, because if we have two players who both deposit 100 euros, then one could win 100. euros, while the other, who always plays the same slot, could lose 108, and therefore the casino will have collected, in total, 8 euros from 2 players, that is, from the casino’s point of view, 4% per player. In any case, after a long period the casino will almost certainly collect that percentage, which in our example is 4%.

Demonstration of the system with the Snai casino

At the time of writing, the bonus offered by Snai’s Casino Blu is 100% on the first deposit, up to € 1000. The Playthrough is 20x and its blue slot without Jackpot, exactly the Haloween fortune, has an RTP of 97.06% and contributes 100% to the achievement of the Playthrough. Thus, we have all the requirements met. For ease of calculation let’s assume that the return to the player is 97%, instead of 97.06% and that the sum of € 100 is deposited. In this way we will receive a bonus of € 100 which will be usable in the casino, as real money, only when we have generated a play volume of € 2000 (20×100). For our system we will not use the cash deposit, only the bonus, so if something goes wrong, at least we will not affect our capital. For a moment, therefore, let’s forget the money we deposited, because we will not need it during the process that we are going to explain.

So let’s start playing our Haloween fortune slot. We know that his return is 97% and therefore every time we bet money, according to the statistics, we lose 3%. Well, aware of that, let’s start inserting coins until we have used up all the bonus. Well, if we play all the 100 euros of the bonus, we will have lost 3 euros and we will have 97 euros back, but at least we will have contributed for 100 euros to the achievement of the Playthrough that we remember is € 2000. We were left with a € 97 bonus and now we play it all over again, at the same slot, losing the usual 3%. 3% of 97 euros is € 2.91. So, now we have € 94.09 left in the bonus account, but we have a playthrough contribution of € 197. The road to get to play € 2000 is quite long, but if we continue like this we will have the following bets represented by the table below.

Adding up the entire left column, which represents the bonus played, we notice that we have reached € 1996.78. Therefore, very few plays will be enough to reach the fateful desired Playthrough of € 2000, at the end of which we will be left with about € 40. Unfortunately, these € 40 are not yet withdrawable because it is true that we have unlocked the bonus, but the terms and conditions of the casino require us to replay all 40 euros for one last time before being able to collect them definitively. But, in any case we will have won € 40. So, this system with Snai has a win of 40%! Find a casino game in which the player has a 40% advantage over the house.

Precautions and Suggestions

Pay in as much as possible, because this is a one-time operation and therefore you will have to win as much as possible. In practice, you will have to make the most of the bonus. If in the previous example we had deposited € 100, then we would probably have won around € 40, but if we had paid € 1000, then the payout would have been around € 400 and as you can see there is a big difference between winning € 40 and € 400.

Play slots optimally. That is, first study the slot in all its details, to fully understand its functioning and then try to understand what is the right strategy that leads to the achievement of that maximum RTP. Not all slots are the same and not all have a fixed RTP, sometimes there are bonus games that have a different return to play (always to reach that RTP) or not. Consequently, it is vital to know the correct ways of playing, in order to obtain the maximum odds. For example, in most slots it is better to set the game to the maximum number of lines, because it would be a real shame to see a winning combination come out on a line that we have not played.

Bet the minimum allowed. Very often a line costs 1 cent and since the lines of a slot machine are almost always 20, the cost of each spin will be equal to 20 cents. This is the minimum amount to pay for each spin, if you find it even better less. Why bet the minimum? Because it allows us to do the maximum number of spins and the more the slot spins, the greater the chances of realizing our mathematical advantage, thanks to the mathematical law of large numbers.

Have you tried it?

Have you tried it

Probably, this is the question you are asking yourself now: Are you offering a probabilistically safe system, but have you tried it? And what was the result? Unfortunately, we, both for reviewing the various casinos in our portal, and as gaming enthusiasts, are already registered with almost all AAMS casinos and those few we are not registered with, because they are of minor importance, offer ridiculous bonuses, with which the method, which we devised, fails to work.

Why do you offer this system for free?

If this method had worked, for every online casino and not just at registration, rest assured that we would not have disclosed it publicly here, but we would have kept it for ourselves. The fact that the method basically depends on the sign-up bonus, which can be used only once, allows us to make it available to everyone, until these casinos realize the flaw in their offers.

If it does not work?

You will only have lost the bonus offered by the casino and not your deposit money. This is a positive aspect that should not be underestimated, because our system does not affect your money, but only those offered for free by the aams site. As in all casino games, there is no mathematical certainty of winning. If you think about it, even the casino that, for every game has the advantage on its side every time, always has players who win at blackjack, roulette, slots … The advantage of the gambling house lies in the fact that it has the famous big numbers, that is, many customers who play in his casino and thanks to this multitude always manage to go positive at the end of the month.

We decline any responsibility regarding the outcome of the system, because surely there will be someone who will not be able to win, but in most cases, having the advantage of their own, you will be able to snatch a decent sum from the casino.