Baccarat is a very old game, during the last three centuries enthusiasts and mathematicians have developed a different Baccarat strategy. Baccarat is one of the most fascinating and entertaining card games that can be found in both land-based and Online Casinos. But what are the Baccarat Strategies to be applied in order to play at your best in the respective environments? How can one make one’s game profitable? Are there methods that can favor the odds of winning?

One might think that this game has many features in common with Blackjack but this is not an entirely correct statement. In this game first of all, the strategy of card counting cannot be applied. Next, one must consider the fact that it is mainly based on betting.

In fact, although the rules of Baccarat seem more complex than those of Blackjack, once we choose on whom to bet the game develops and ends without the need for our further intervention. So let’s see what are the best strategies at Baccarat, always keeping in mind that luck plays a key role as with all games of chance.

How to win using simple Baccarat strategies

Strategies are different and each player likes to fine-tune the one that works best for his or her playing style but in general we can summarize the main techniques as follows, considering that these are the simplest strategies that any first-hand player can use to start understanding the game without, however, investing large sums of money.

Define the Budget

In gambling, the first rule that applies to both long-time players and newcomers is always to set a gambling budget. This is always one of the best gambling tactics you will find among Blackjack strategies, Roulette strategies, among the best strategies for Slot Machines and any other gambling game. Every experience, like any material good, that can be purchased has a value that we determine. It is therefore important to choose a value to attach to the game we want to play.

In this case, in Baccarat, if we decide to invest a certain amount above which we are no longer willing to lose, we will be able to end the gambling session at the right time and the game, despite the possible loss, will be enjoyable. On the contrary, if we spend more money than we can afford, the memory of the game will be negative.

Baccarat strategy for winning with Real Money

Baccarat strategy for winning

Therefore, the ideal way to win at Baccarat with real money is to bet small amounts of money and be able to play longer. The house edge in Baccarat is 1%; if your budget is 500 euros and you bet 10 euros each hand, you will play about 50 hands.

Based on calculations according to the dealer’s margin of victory over the player in theory in two hours between wins and losses you might have spent about 10 euros.

Setting a budget does not mean playing in a limited way, on the contrary! This technique helps us to better define the strategies to be applied. We will make the best use of all the resources we have with the aim of not wasting the budget by using senseless moves. This will make us more practical to the game in a very natural way.

Gradually increase the bets

In general, it is always advisable to choose a method of increasing or decreasing the stakes before each session so that winnings are profitable and losses are negligible. Therefore, it does not make sense to bet very high immediately by doubling the stakes without having first earned a good amount through many small bets.

We therefore recommend gradually increasing the stake only when you win and betting the same amount as the first hand when you lose. You will see that this simple strategy is very effective in limiting losses and winning gradually but steadily. This technique works very well in the long run!

Consider the statistics

When you play at the tables without being clear about the situation, it is a bit like playing soccer without knowing the rules. We cannot think that because we know the ball is round, simply kicking it ensures we can throw it into the goal, nor can we think we can play a good team game without comparing ourselves with other players.

For the same reason, knowing the simple rules and statistics of the game of Baccarat will increase our chances of winning. As you can see, there are those who analyze data for you. Let’s briefly look at the probability of winning based on the bets that can be placed, always keeping in mind, however, that on luck does not rule and that these are general data.

If you bet on the banker

  • Probability of winning: 45.843%
  • House margin: 1.06%

If betting on the player

  • Probability of winning: 44.615%
  • House margin: 1.24%

If betting on the draw

  • Probability of winning: 9.543%
  • House margin: 14.36%

If you want some tips on when to bet on the draw, the player, the banker, and want to learn other techniques based on statistics and percentages you can check out the Baccarat guide found here on our site.

Taking into account the role of the dealer

role of the dealer

One feature of the game of Online Baccarat can be easily noticed. We see that the dealer has a slightly greater advantage than the player, which is why the casino places a commission on these winnings and why it is often better to bet on the dealer rather than the player himself.

The advice we feel to give is not to always make the same bet but to vary, the chances of winning are otherwise 10% lower.

Choose sabots with 6 decks

Rather than betting at tables with sabots containing 8 decks, it is preferable to bet at tables with 6 decks.

In fact, some casinos charge a 4% commission rather than 5%.

This change shrinks the house’s margin of victory by almost 0.5 percent on the best possible bet, which is the house bet.

Playing for Free at the Best Online Casinos as a Baccarat Strategy.

Although these are the most popular and well-known playing strategies, it is our duty to remember that they cannot guarantee victory in any way. However, using them for a more rational approach to the game is absolutely useful. The best gambling tactic is to start with the free versions, then with dummy money.

It is best to try as many tables as possible and devote the right amount of time to each one without being in any hurry to bet money, as soon as you find your playing style then it is recommended to approach the game with real money. Only the best Online Casinos offer the security and quality of gaming you are looking for. Here on our site you can find the best Online Casinos with aams license (today adm) to try all Baccarat strategies!