In this article we try to think about how to play slot machines correctly. Let’s start by saying that the slot machine is a completely different game than the various table games such as blackjack, poker or even roulette, where the odds and the functioning of the game and bets are clear and transparent.

In slot machines there are no certainties about the winnings, so a strategy and a safe way to play that leads you to victory does not exist, as the randomness of the numbers has too many thousands of combinations to allow you to make precise calculations on the output of the winnings the moment you start playing.

So, before starting to understand how to win at slots it is good to take a moment local mind about a phenomenon that is spreading like wildfire on the web, namely the growing demand for tricks, systems or programs to win at slot machines, of a utility almost close to zero.

Surely when you try your hand at gambling the aim is to have fun, but this desire to obtain an ever better result at all costs can lead us astray and face choices that will only result in losing instead. more and more.

Winning at slots is sometimes possible, it’s a quick and easy game, but if you think you can win at a slot through software then you are off track.

The programs capable of manipulating the results of which we often hear news even on TV, are to be considered reliable only when it comes to offline slots and in any case everything that concerns them is something that goes beyond the law and therefore not to be absolutely take into consideration.

Online casinos are now so safe that they prevent any attempt of intrusion from the outside, so if you are looking for a method to get rich quick and dishonestly with an online slot, then you can also save your time and stop looking, because you will not find anything. of effective.

At the same time, however, there are several tricks and tips to help you win at slots, it being understood that you must always have luck on our side, let’s see them together.

Set a limit

Fundamental, as well as forgotten at the same time, is to impose a limit of bets, essentially a maximum budget to never exceed, whatever happens, once you have reached this limit you no longer have to care if the hands are going better. or worse, you just have to quit the game.

Said it seems easy, but we know very well that it is not, precisely because as you go along with the game you are emotionally more and more involved, which can make you lose touch with reality a little.

It is therefore essential to set a limit before starting to play, in order to have it well fixed in mind even when the game is in full swing and the emotion could take over.

The famous bankroll management that we hear so much about, therefore becomes a key strategy for every player, no matter whether you are experienced or novice, your main task, whenever you are looking for a method to win at slots must start from here.

Understanding the types of slot machines

types of slot machines

There are various types of slots and they depend, in addition to the graphics, above all on the number of reels and paylines.

The reels are the vertical lines around which the symbols of the slot machine rotate, the classic slots have 3 reels, while the most modern ones also come with 5 or 6 reels.

The paylines on the other hand are the horizontal, oblique and semi oblique lines, which cross all the reels and which the combination gives the payment of a win. The paylines range from a minimum of one up to slots that have 243 paylines.

So it is important to understand which slot you want to play, obviously the more the paylines increase the more the number of reels will be high and the game will be expensive and therefore the budget bankroll must be appropriate to the total bet of the single spin.

Understanding how online slot machines work

Once you have identified the reels and paylines in the slot machine, concentrate on understanding the credits, the coins that allow you to play, the lines to select and therefore the total single-shot cost.

For credits, the best slot machines are those that allow you to play as € 0.01 credits, which is the minimum and allows you to make sensible hits that aren’t too expensive.

Credits can be up to € 5. Typically they are 0.01 € 0.02 €, 0.05 €, 0.10 €, 0.2 €, 0.5 €, 1 €, 2 €, 5 €. Usually the button that makes you select the credits is the furthest to the left.

The choice of the number of credits depends on the budget you have. After we will explain how to manage money.

The number of coins generally ranges from a minimum of 1 up to a maximum of 20 coins. The button that allows you to select the coins is to the right of the credit button, generally more or less in the central area along the horizontal axis of the slot.

The button to select the paylines is generally placed between the credit button and the coin button. Selecting the number of paylines to play on is important to play the maximum paylines.

The cost of the launch is therefore the number resulting from the multiplication of the Number of Credits x Coins x Number of Paylines.

In the table you see an example of bets with the total cost. As you can see, by reversing the credits with the coins (case 2 and 3) we arrive at the same cost. The advice we give you is to change the credits and coins from time to time, and don’t get stuck on the same combination of credits and coins.

Understanding the symbols of the slot machine

First you have to compare the number of lines and reels with the number of symbols that the slot machine has. Obviously, the more paylines and reels increase, the more the number of different symbols will increase.

Te best compromise is a good number of symbols with many paylines.

So don’t get fooled by slots with who knows how many paylines when the symbols are huge and the payout variance of the slot is low.

In addition to the number of symbols, look at the payout table, i.e. winnings, their payout value. Obviously it is not worth playing in a slot with a high number of symbols which pay very little.

The criterion to understand if they pay little is the number of times they pay with 3 symbols. In fact, in slot machines it often happens that 3 symbols of the same type come out among those that pay less, the important thing that this combination that comes out often is not underpaid.

So choose the slot machines with the weakest combination of 3 equal symbols of the game that pays no less than 10x, for example if it pays 5x it is very little, because playing on 30 lines and often pays 5x then bet 30 to win 5, you understand. which is not convenient.

See if there are any special symbols

any special symbols

Special symbols are very important, they are the ones that increase the chances of winning. The classic symbols that you have to check for are scatters, bonus symbols and free spins symbols.

Scatters are practically wild cards and are worth any symbol and therefore go to complete the payline by serving as the missing symbol.

Bonus symbols typically trigger if they hit 3, 4, or 5 reels and have you participate in a skill bonus game (that’s more luck).

Then there are also the global bonuses that are activated not in the same bet but after a certain period of time when certain symbols occur centrally on all reels.

The free spins symbols work like the bonus symbols in regards to activation and give away free spins to bet.

Take advantage of all possible bonuses

A very common behavior among different types of players is to enter a casino, choose a slot and stay focused on it until it gives the desired result, behavior that 90% of the time, however, will be counterproductive.

Each casino gives new members more or less interesting welcome bonuses to be used on most games, including slots. Wanting to bust a slot at all costs won’t get you far, while opening your mind to multiple possibilities could be more productive.

A tour of the various Aams portals immediately highlights the different welcome bonuses they offer, the Italian online casinos battle each other daily with bonuses.

In any case, even finding an interesting bonus and using it immediately in the first portal is not the best strategy, continuing the search will bring to light all the existing possibilities.

Play for free

Yes, slots can start playing for free. Most players dive right into the action right away, in the rush to take home the jackpot without worrying about getting a little familiar with the machine they are about to have fun with.

Online slots offer you a possibility that until a few years ago was practically considered impossible, that is to be able to play for free and for as long as you want with what you want, many people do not even think about this opportunity, all the others they see it as a waste of time.

The common thought of the latter is the following: “But if I play for free, even what I win will not be real”, a correct observation but wrong as a thought, as playing for free allows you to become much more familiar with the machine and move on to reality only when the level of experience is such as not to make mistakes of any kind and guarantee a much more peaceful and conscious game.