Once you start playing poker with some routine, you will soon realize that some hands can lead to better results than others. Now it’s obvious that a hand like AA and KK is a very good starting hand, but favorite hands can be very different combinations.

The idea of the favorite hand is that you feel that this particular hand will work well. If your assumptions about strategy are based on individual situations and positions, then that’s ok, but if they’re based on pure feel, then you’ve got a big problem!

The Best Poker Hands

The best poker hands are the ones that beat the most combinations, but of course you can’t call everything except aces and kings bad hands. What makes a good poker hand depends on the individual situation. The appealing thing is that even a bad hand can be the best hand if you play it correctly.

It’s up to you and your ability to read the situation and your opponents. The best poker hands win more often, but only if you play them correctly – and that’s the appeal of poker.

A favorite hand

A favorite hand

The truth is that good players don’t have a favorite hand. No pro will deny that he likes cards like aces, but he won’t rely on them to win. The truth is that the best players take special pleasure in playing against the odds with less skilled hands.

A beginner player is ill-advised if he tries to win only with his favorite hands. By doing so, he limits his game and he hinders the development of his poker skills.

Even if you feel that a particular hand is your “lucky hand”, you need to get away from that idea, at least if you want to make it in poker.

Playing every hand

Playing every hand

The key to being a very good poker player is knowing how to play every hand. Sometimes this means that before the game gets going you will have to fold. You may lose some money by folding, but soon you will see that you would have lost even more with that particular hand if you had entered the game. If you have bad hands, you should play the online lottery instead of poker and try to win the jackpot there.

Make it a habit to see each hand as a favorite hand for you and learn the potential of the hand in different situations. But remember: on average, only 20% of all hands are situationally playable at a table of 10, and maybe 30% at a table of 6!

Beginners and fish

Many beginners or fish love to play their favorite hands. Once you observe the players at the table for a long time, you will recognize the Pisces by this common mistake. They think that high cards are guarantees of winning a pot. Learn to locate these players because you can make a lot of money from their favorite poker hands. At poker providers like 888 Poker, you can make such a good profit because of the high fish factor.