Using poker analysis software primarily helps you grasp the statistical values to play poker more effectively, and in conjunction with some of the leading poker sites such as Party Poker, you can even use this software. The software is a level above the game, calculating percentages on which hands you should bet, as well as determining the types of players you’ll be up against. It sounds downright forbidden and like cheating, but many poker rooms allow such software aids as they allow little indication and information on the odds.

However, poker analysis software can also help you improve your own game. If you are a rather weak player, it can suggest improvements by telling you what you are doing wrong and when you should have gone all-in. In this way, the software is like a helping hand that sits next to you while you play and explains what would best help you from the situation. With the help of the software, your game automatically gets better because you see what you need to change to win.

You still need the software, though, because it calculates stats and gives you help at almost the speed of light that would take you hours of study alone. And because online poker is a fast game, it’s important to make quick decisions, only with the help of the software, your decisions will be correct. If you sign up at Party Poker today using the link at the bottom of the page, you can claim a 100% bonus on your deposits up to $500!

Use poker analysis software to win more money

Win more money

You’ve probably heard the phrase “you have to spend money to make money”. The saying is true, because if you invest just a little bit in poker analysis software, you could get hundreds or thousands of dollars out of it. This is an investment in your poker game that will definitely help you and that you can’t argue against; not only because of the statistics but also because the software analyzes over a million different plays and helps you discover your opponents’ weaknesses. We recommend Holdem Manager 2 for this – more info at this link.

The software works in real time. This means that when you are playing at a table and the software is running, it will show you which players have patterns in their betting behavior and what their strengths might be. This gives you an immense advantage over your opponents and by paying attention to the cards, the program can also tell you what to do next.

Most poker analysis programs come with a free trial – so you can try it out for a while. First of all, you should register at a poker site and Party Poker is definitely an option, because they offer you a damn good bonus of 100% on all deposits up to $500 if you click on the link below. If you deposit the maximum you will also get the maximum money for free. So click here on this link for the 100% bonus on your deposits up to $500 with the bonus code DEBONUS and try out your new poker analysis software right now to win a lot more money and protect your deposits a bit. Sign up today and take advantage of this great bonus offer right away.